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Common Problem
How to clean sink?
A.How to remove the dirt from sink?
a.Use 3M/500# clean cloth with neutral detergent(1:10) to wipe sink inside body till the dirt removed.
b.Use small brush with neutral detergent to clean sink corner and terraces.
c.Rinse sink  with water.
B. Clean speckle
a.Use soft brush with tooth paste to clean the speckle or usd 3M/500# clean cloth with acid cleaning agent to wipe speckle.
b.Rinse sink with water. 
2.How to take care of your sink?
While using,the surface of sink may be scrashed or become dark,even spots or speckles be created if not being treated in a proper way.
The correct way is using soft clean cloth or brush to clean the sink surface instead of using steel brush and rough clean cloth; Rinse the sink surface immediately after cleaning kithcn ware till no clean detergent remains to avoid the surface becoming dark and speckles appearing.
3.Water going slow down?
When water going slows down,follow six steps:
Step 1.Shut down faucet.
Step 2.Dry the water in the sink.
Step 3.Put a plastic basin under the accessory pluming to contain the remaining water in the pluming.
Step 4.Unscrew the united connections and clean the dirt in the pluming or change a set of new one.
Step 5.Screw back the united connections.Check all the rubber protective rings not being left out.
Step 6.Testing it till no water leaking.